Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My new found dessert

It's my day off again!!!
so what did i do with it??
for starters, i went out and got myself a new number, of course and a new phone.
nothing fancy. just didnt want to pay $55 every freaking month.
Any hoo, i went for brunch as well. the food was amazing as usual.
this time i went to a restaurant in Georgetown name Bonaparte Cafe.
I had a dish called Mona Lisa. Basically it was a crepe with mushroom top with a poached egg and cheese in it and then i had a Bonaparte as my dessert.

while we are on this topic, Dessert i mean... i wanna show u that i've learn how to make a Napoleon!!! it's AWESOME~!
Ricci is AWESOME!!
so here is a photo ^__________^

that's it actually..wanted to brag about it!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring in DC 2012

when was the last time since i last blog??
hmmm..guess laziness never change as i get older.
well, i guess the last update was my trip to Richmond right~
so let me just tell u that i got back from my San Francisco and Seattle trip 3 weeks ago...
it was a wonderful experience.
if ur my fren on facebook u would have notice as i post most of my photos there.
i was in san francisco for 3 days and then 2 days in Seattle.
i went with a great friend from China which he is leaving after that trip.
i went to the famous Golden bridge and also the Fisherman waft in San Francisco. i could share all of my photos here, so just check it out in facebook.
here are some photos from San Francisco...

this was taken in the cable car

i was at the fisherman waft, waiting for the boat ride to the golden bridge

Ray and I on the boat and looking at the golden bridge

below the golden bridge

at fisherman waft pier 41

fine arts museum in San Francisco.
there were people taking wedding photos over there as well.
it was a great day!!

Save Now
as usual, my jump shot!
ray and I

So that was the San Francisco trip, after that we went to Seattle for 2night.
we manage to get employee price in the Hyatt Place.
we went to various place like the tallest building in seattle to see theview of the Space needle and also went for a tour of the underground.
eventually we also went to another city call the Bermington.
oh ya, also last but not least,we went to the first StarBucks in Pike place.

this was taken at the harbor...

on the way to Bremerton, WA

the view from the boat

this is the parking lot from the olden days.

still on the boat...

the first Starbucks....

the park near Pike place.

so that is most of the trip....
oh ya, so on some unrelated note...i brought my first Abercombie and Fitch...

Monday, February 20, 2012

a trip to Richmond

so! it's been awhile since i went for a holiday~
and so i went for a short vacation to Richmond to see my dear Korean friend who will be leaving US and back to Korea.
Atiqah travel all the way from Vermont to DC and the Richmond and back to NY and then Vermont. all in all she spend about a day on public transportation.lolx! it was a tiring trip for her.
i left DC on the 7th of Feb right after work, caught the bus and went straigh to Richmond on Greyhound.
the trip was pleasant except that i forgot to take a trip to the ladies before i board the bus..lolx!
other then that, it was a good ride.
when i arrive, i was surrounded by people that look like they are on drugs... even look homeless...horrible first impression if i may say so... i was calling the girls when a taxi stop right in front of me and the two girls were inside that window tinted taxi...lolx! i was soooooooo glad to see them...hahahahha....
so after picking me up, we went straight to dinner. we were staving~
so here are some photos!

don know why my face look so ROUND.

we went straight back after dinner...
was chatting for awhile and then we all went to bed.

the next day, we went shopping in a place i have no way of remembering....
hahha..so here are some photos~

after shopping for awhile, we went for lunch at a Chinese restaurant..which apparently is too Americanize..the food was disgusting...

here are some photos~
a lot of cam-whoring...

right before Atiqah leave, we cook a meal for here,
went to the supermarket to buy some stuff~

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday brunch

it's been awhile since i had Sunday off.
i woke up early today to Skype with my family as i miss them a lot~
i really wanted to do something on my Sunday and so i went to the Tabarn Inn for brunch.
i was an idiot to go without a reservation that's y i waited for about an hour to get seated.
what happen was the hostess told me that i can seat myself at the bar..but looking at it...i didnt feel comfortable sitting there cramming with everyone. but at last, i got a table by the window.
i check out Yelp before i went, seems that they are famous for their donuts~
so here are some photos to check it out~

this is the back of the menu

the menu items

the famous donuts of Tabarn Inn.
the result : nah~ it's just so so..i don't know what is so delicious about the donuts.
i taste better but they serve it with whip cream and sugar which compliment the donuts.

next up, the fish~ i forgot what is the name of this dish.
the sauce is some what sour but just enough that it doesn't taste bad.
this dish is made to perfection.
really delicious.

bread selection

can u see me??

after brunch i decide to take a walk around the city. here are some of my master piece~

Skiing trip in White Tail

i went for my first skiing lesson last Tuesday.
I woke up groggy that morning reason being
1. i slept at 3 in the morning (because i was watching Hoarders on TV)
which brings me to the next point....
2. I wasn't on my bed, i was on my friend's sofa

OK, let me paint a picture so that it can be clear...
i went to my friend's place on Monday as we will be leaving early on Tuesday.
as i haven't watch TV for a long time, i stayed up all night watching TV..lolx!
so that brings us back having me waking up feeling groggy...lol~
so now that everyone is on the same page, i will continue.
as i wake up and look at my phone which is right beside me it shows "7 AM"
i sat up and listen. the house is still. turn and look at the other side of the room where my friend is sleeping on the other sofa. She is still fast asleep. I went back to sleep.

Noises started to come to me when my phone shows "8 AM"
i got up reluctantly and began washing up. By washing up, i mean brush my teeth, put on my contacts and change my clothes...oh and of course go peepee XD
as i put on layers and layers of stocking for fear that my feet will freeze, i friend gave me a pair of water proof pants for skiing. holding it up infront of me, i fear the worst...
"what if it doesn't fit me?? what should i do then??"
luckily, i manage to struggle into that tiny pants of hers..lolx~
well, to tell the truth, i manage to button it up...but then later when i started to ski the button just pop open~ lmao, well, i will continue that chapter later on...
so! when i got ready, while waiting, Ms Jill was being very motherly, she started to pack stuff to munch~ i grab a couple of oranges and a box of blue berry. was REALLY making myself at
home... shame on me...*my mom would be shaking her head now*
moving on, we all got into the Audi at 8.45 AM and is on our way~
it was a 45min drive from her place. the ride was pleasant as there was three girls in the car including me, and we were bullying my friend's husband all the way. poor guy.
"i never wanna travel with three girls again, at least when it comes to opinion, i will keep it to myself as i know it's no use putting in my two cents" was what he said during one of an argument we had in the car.like that would make a difference..lolx, his wife was one of the girls in the car..no use arguing with u wife right??
so! when we were there, i can see a high mountain in front of me.
they assure me that i wouldn't be going on that hill, it's waaaaay smaller...
i skip all the part where i fill up forms to get ALLLLLLLL the equipment and boots and stuff.

I was outside now on the snow, on my skis and is trying very hard to get to the other end.
the couple is already gone, snowboarding of course.
and Ms Jill is nowhere to be seen.
well, then i'll start without her.
i finally reach the other end where there is a class going on.
it was a group of 3 people. all white, 2 girls and 1 guy.
the trainer ask if i was joining them and i said yes, he gave me an impatience look, even though his all suit up with the goggle and ski cap, i don't know how i manage to conclude that he gave me an impatience look..lolx!
after 25mins of learning Ms Jill finally appear. when she join,again with that impatience look =.=
he was teaching us all the basis and i some how CANNOT master the technique of turning!!
dammmmmmmiiittttt~!!!!! was so frustrated ~
after several frustrating minutes...the trainers change shifts..we did some more practice before we went up the bunny hill (a little info the bunny hill refers to those ppl who don't know how to
ski..have u heard of a Lounge Bunny, well it refers to a girl dress in ski equipment but will be in the lounge or bar relaxing)

Jill and I on the bunny slope
when i started skiing down the Bunny hill, the feeling was AWESOME!!!
i cannot begin to describe that feeling...it's like nothing i have EVER experience before. i feel scare and excited at the same time.
I guess i can describe it like driving a car at a very high speed.
and the exciting part is u just learning to drive an hour ago and at that moment, u are just driving like there is no tomorrow.
that was how i felt, i went down the hill without even realizing how i manage to control the skis, i even know how to turn and break~LOLX!!!! it was AMAZING~!!! was like my body knows what to do...
so what do one do when u feel that nothing can stop u???
well of course, i went for a bigger challenge...the bunny hill no longer interest me...

Dianne and I, while heading to the more advance ski hill and waiting for Jill to join us
i went up up up up up up and finally came to the top....
and then i went down~ without fear~...until i was speeding so fast that my heart felt like it was trying to get out, i was SURE that i was going to fall on my face, well if not my face something else...BUT i land perfectly well at the bottom!! Can u believe it??!! OMG~~ it was THE most wonderful thing ever~!!!
and then i went up again..and again..and again..but i fell, and fell and fell..lol! u know laaaa...
when u become cocky u just stop being careful..i finally stop when fell and my head was the break for the fall..lol! it was awful...hahhahahahahah...
but i was still laughing when i got up...
the next day i wasn't laughing anymore..all the soreness that was on my neck was unbearable...i couldn't even turn my next...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!
oh ya, i forgot about Jill..she fell 5 times on her first try for the higher hill with me.

the girls

every time she fell it was a different position..lol! head first, butt first, all her stuff flew away from all the way to the left to the bottom of the hill! i really find it funny when we fall, and when u get up all ur stuff are no longer on u..lol!! u will be looking for it, ur goggles, ur skis, the stick thingy, ur snow cap....just EVERYtHINg is gone from u...ahahahahahahah..and ppl will be skiing down the hill and help collect all ur belongings from every where~~
i would be embarrassed if it didn't look so funny~
all in all it was a GREAT experience..i would LOVE to go again if i have the chance ^^
here are some photos~

i was warming up by the fire